Pastured Poultry

The morning our chicks arrive we head to the post office to pick up and welcome our new guests.  As soon as possible we place them in our brooder house under heat lamps and next to fresh food and water.  They feel safe and happy after warming themselves and getting a full belly.  After three weeks time they are ready to move out and enjoy the green grasses of the pasture.

We keep our chickens in what some call a “chicken tractor” but we like to call them “pasture play pens”.  These floorless pens allow full access to the grasses and legumes while keeping them safe from pretitors. Each day the pens are moved to a new spot, leaving behind manure to benifit the field and giving them a fresh clean buffet.   With this natural model, they receive exercise, sunshine, cool breeze along with clean food and water.

Because these growing birds require additional nutrition, we feed only non-genetically modified organism free feeds (GMO free). After about 8 weeks they are ready to be harvested.  We process our chicken right here on the farm under the USDA poultry inspection exemption.  Once the birds are scalded and plucked they are placed in a cooler and brought into our separate packaging area, away from any field dust or feathers, to keep things completely 100% sanitary.

 After processing, each one is placed in a sealed packaging with our label, weighed, and placed in the freezer.  This meat far surpasses the factory farmed products at the average grocery store, even those labled “hormone free”.  Our pastured poultry chicken is GMO, antibiotic and hormone free, humanely raised, pasture pampered, all natural, clean, hand processed, fresh off the farm, tender, juicy, and delicious!


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