Pasture Eggs

Our hens receive true pasture pampering.  Every day they enjoy warm sunlight, cool breeze, clean water and a buffet of lush green grass and grass hoppers.  We love seeing our farm friends happy and comfortable and they love us for it.  Collecting Eggs is one of our kids favorite farm activities.  

We believe our ecosystem was created to work together so that each organism benefits the other in some way.  That’s why our birds follow the herbivores just as we see in nature.  Our laying hens roost in what some have termed an Egg-mobile.  Every few days they are moved to fresh pasture filled with green grass that has recently been mowed by our beef cattle.  The Hens prefer forging through the shorter grass so they have easy access to protein rich bugs.  In this way the cattle benefit the chickens by keeping the grassed mowed for easy forging and they benefit the cattle by eliminating those annoying flies that pester the cows.

If you have ever tasted the unsurpassed difference of a fresh pasture raised farm egg, I need say no more.  However there are many benefits  that go beyond the taste buds.

For the Hens who gave us this little gift, it’s her way of saying thank you for a comfortable life well cared for.  Most poultry products today are produced in a “farm factory”.  These factory farmed birds live sickly lives, fed a unnatural diet to save production costs, forced to sit in their own waste, and never see daylight.  But not our Hens, we invite you to come see first hand!


 Studies have shown that Pastured poultry eggs may actually contain as much as:
1/3 less cholesterol,
1/4 less saturated fat,
2/3 more vitamin A,
2 times more Omega 3 fatty acids,
3 times more vitamin E
7 times more beta carotene, giving each egg a rich orange colored yoke.


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