Grass-Fed Beef

We want our beef cattle to live a calm and comfortable life in the pasture.  Not only is this the most humane care for the cow, but it creates the best tasting and most tender beef for us to enjoy.  Each day our family of cows are moved to a new paddock of lush green grasses and legumes. They really get excited when they hear us call them into the next slice of pasture as I open the fence.

Using temporary electric fence, we rotate our pastures because that’s what we see in nature.  As the grass-fed guru, Joel Salatin from polyface farm puts it, “herbivores are always mowing, mobbing and moving” in nature. Personally we believe that If we farm within God’s perfect design and seasons found in nature, we can only expect the healthiest food and most productive land.

Once harvested, our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 10 days, creating an amazingly tender product. From our pastures just down the road, you can know your are enjoying the freshest burgers and steaks around.

Growing up around my grandfathers small farm gave me a real love for cows, something about seeing them out grazing or lounging in the pasture!  Now as we have started to raise our own beef, I am even more passionate about small and sustainable eco-farming.  Recently we have seen so much in the news about Ecoli and other food related health risk, unfortunately most of these are directly related to the unnatural large scale feed-lot beef and poultry production.  But we would rather talk about what is good, Promise Land Pastures’ Grass-fed beef!

Our Beef:  Our current beef supply is 100% grass finished by Promise Land Pastures.  Though we are working towards our own grass based breeding program, from birth to harvest, we are not there yet.  Because we are a small family farm we currently have to purchase larger cows from other farmers in Virginia.  Though we can not guarentee the cow is raised 100% natural before it comes to our farm, we look for cattle with “organic raised” characteristics.  We also strive to partner with other local farmers who believe in and practice natural farming methods.


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