Beef Shares

** So Sorry, Beef Shares are Unavailable at This Time! **


Get a whole, half, quarter or eighth cow, including the best steaks, roasts and special cuts for around the average price of grass-fed burger!  

How it works

Sweet and simple, $7.50 per pound, plus $20 delivery straight to your home.  You only pay for what goes in your freezer.  No time off work, borrowing or buying coolers to pick it up.  When you enjoy your grass-fed steaks you will know that you have saved with your beef share.

That’s $21 filet mignon, $18 NY Strip, $16 Delmonico and more, all for only $7.5o per pound!

**Pricing based on cow replacement cost, subject to change with the current cattle market prices.  Also be aware that product quantity, taste and leanness can vary with each cow that is harvested**

How much beef will I get on average?

Whole cow: 300-400 lbs.

Half cow: 150-200 lbs.

Quarter cow: 75-100 lbs.

Eighth cow: 30-60 lbs.


How much freezer space will I need?

1 cu. ft. per 25 lbs. of beef  

= 4 cu.ft. per quarter


How long will it last?

Vacuum packed beef can last up to a year in your freezer!


Each Quarter usually contains 2 – 3 packs of: 

NY Strips, Flat Iron Steaks

Delmonico Steaks, Filet Mignon

Sirloin Steaks, London Boil

Skirt Steaks, Tip Steak, Stew Meat

Short Ribs, Chuck Roast

Roast (round), Brisket

Marrow bone, Meaty soup

Lots of Burger!

How do I order my beef share?

Email us at:  

We will let you know when our next harvest will be available and how to reserve your share with a deposit.

($100 deposit per eighth)

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