Five Grass-Fed Facts

1) High in Omega 3’s

These fatty acids have been related to many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing cancer risks, and even fighting depression.  Grass-fed beef has up to three times more omega-3 fatty acids than the average grain fed beef sold at your grocery store.  Cattle which are fed diets of mostly grain, like many large scale beef producers today, have increased levels of omega-6 acids which have been linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer and other immune disorders.

2) Vitamins & Beta-Carotine

Grass fed beef is known to sometimes have a yellowish fat color.  This is actually a sign of it’s health benefits!  Grass-fed beef has four more times more Vitamin E than conventional beef, which helps form our red blood cells and is also a natural antioxidant. It contains five times more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which helps prevent and even reduce cancer growths.  Finally it is high in Beta-carotene which is used to make vitamin A, an important antioxidant that protects cells from free-radicals which are harmful to our body.  Vitamin A also plays a role in preventing cancers and cardiovascular disease.  The presence of Beta-carotene is what gives the fat it’s yellowish color.

3) Lean

Grass-fed beef can be up to six times lower in fat than conventional grain fed cows,  It also contains half the amount of the saturated fat.  Not only is Grass-fed beef known to be as lean as wild game and even poultry, it also has significantly less calories than the average store bought beef.

4) Distinct Taste

Apart from being  lean and tender, there are significant taste differences between your average store bought and grass-fed beef.  This distinct taste can slightly vary from cow to cow because each cow eats a unique variety of grasses and legumes provided only by nature, without the human manipulation of formulated feeds.  Knowing that your beef was raised in it’s most natural form, you can be confident that it’s taste will also be the most natural taste. Many find this 100% natural taste wonderful, just as real beef should taste.

5) Humane Pasture Pampering

Another great fact about grass-fed beef production is that it requires the animal access to it’s natural environment.  A secondary requirement to great tasting beef is for the cattle to be raised in a calm environment where it feels secure and at home.  Stressed animals produce poor beef so pasture pampering is crucial.  A cow that lived a comfortable life on the green pastures produces great tasting ground beef and premium cuts of tender, juicy steak.

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